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Very Very Small

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

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When I look at something majestic, my worries and problems seem to melt away. I wouldn’t say this is an escape from my problems, rather a fresh perspective in light of a revealed reality I was once blind to. It’s sort of like looking at a tiny Earth from space. It was Neil Armstrong who famously said he felt “very very small.”

For couple of months now, I’ve been auditing a class given by Dr. S.M. Baugh about the Kingdom of God in the New Testament at Westminster Seminary, in Escondido. To put it simply, the study has often made me feel very very small.

On November 30, Dr. Baugh will be presenting talks on “The Kingdom of God in the Book of Revelation." The Book of Revelation reveals the Kingdom of God! The focus will be on chapters 4 and 5 where the picture is a vast scenery of God’s Kingdom. And it’s majestic! May that vision impact our church and everything that we do.

Conference Registration & Details: here.

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