a reformed church in the modern age

Worship Service

First Service:

Sunday 12:30 PM

Second Service:

Sunday 2:30 PM

2660 W. Woodland Dr. #140 Anaheim, CA 92801

live stream worship

Sundays at 12:30PM

on the Theophilus OPC YouTube Channel

  • YouTube Theophilus Channel

Virtual meetings

Weekly Community Group Zoom Meetings (church-wide & regional)

Systematic Theology Tuesdays Zoom 7:30PM

Youth K-5th Grade

Fridays Zoom 4:30PM

Youth 6th-12th Grade

Fridays Zoom 5PM

reformed & presbyterian church for orange county & los angeles ca


Theophilus exists to worship our triune God

as we teach the truth of His word

and engage in word and deed ministries


2660 W. Woodland Drive Suite 140 
Anaheim, California 92801
(inside Evangelia University)
12:30 PM English Worship
12:30 PM Live Stream Worship
2:30 PM English Worship
9:30 AM Korean Worship
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