"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship,
to breaking of bread and prayers.
-  John 17:22 -
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The adults will go through focused studies on various topics this year including the Alternate Theories of the Resurrection, World Religions, and Evangelism. The goal of these "seminar-type" Sunday School classes is to provide a healthy and balanced spiritual diet to God's people.

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Separated into four classes (Pre-1st, 2-5th, 6-8th, and 9-12th), our covenant kids are already learning how all the Scriptures is the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation for His people. We are using the Gospel Project curriculum to teach the big story of God's love for us, essential doctrines of Scripture, and how the passage connects to Christ and to us. What's also special is that youth of all ages learn the same Bible passages through age appropriate lessons!



Stay for a time of table fellowship after the Lord's Day service! Every first Sunday, we delight in the company of our brothers and sisters in the Lord when we sit down to eat a meal together. This is something special that distinguishes our church- we genuinely do love to be with one another, and this truly shines each Lord's Day. All other Sundays we invite you to stay for fellowship over coffee and light refreshments before we break into our Sunday School classes!

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The Community Groups at Theophilus have one simple purpose: daily faith through spiritual friendship and accountability.

In light of the current pandemic, the Community Groups have been a blessing and encouragement so we can better stay connected while practicing safe social distancing. Contact Pastor Sim if you are new to Theophilus and would like to join in a Community Group!

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Every week, the entire congregation receives a newsletter with daily devotional Scripture readings. These are the same passages that the youth studied in Sunday School that very day, and they are the same passages that you discuss in Community Groups. The entire church, no matter the age or life-stage, reads the same Bible passages everyone else, to grow in spiritual discipline and accountability together. These newsletters also includes other online resources on the Bible passages for that week, such as a podcast, sermon, article, and parent resources.

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This weekly class is for those who would like to delve more deeply in Reformed systematic theology and how it applies to daily Christian living. Led by Pastor Sim, this is an intensive study and discussion using Michael Horton's The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way. Currently, we are taking a break from the Horton's book for focused discussions on other books and topics. We just finished The Rise of the Modern Self by Carl Trueman and are doing a Leadership Seminar with Pastor James Kim. All are welcome to participate! 

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Sometimes in a classroom, other times in a living room, and now through online, the youth meet to grow in joyful appreciation for God in our daily lives. Our heartfelt desire is to encourage all our youth to see that God isn't just their God at church on Sundays, but that God is very real and present in all spheres of life, through their personal daily faith as well as their friendships with one another.

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While the youth are meeting in the next room, the adults of the entire congregation are invited to come together to pray for our covenant youth by name. Although currently we cannot meet physically, we encourage everyone to pray for our youth while they meet on Friday afternoons. With one collective and unified voice, let us pray for these precious covenant children.

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A personalized study with Pastor Sim of the public vows you take in your profession of faith, covering the doctrines of the Bible, God, salvation, and the church. 



Day or night, Pastor Sim and the other members of the Session are available to meet with congregants who may be struggling for biblical guidance and heavenly comfort. Contact Pastor Sim anytime to request phone-counseling, meeting, or home visitation. Non-members are also welcome.



Theophilus hosts several annual church events, including the annual theological conference. Last year, we had Dr. S. M. Baugh present on the Book of Revelation and the Kingdom of God. This year, we are looking forward to having Dr. Rev. Craig Troxel in the summer for our annual conference.