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"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching
and the fellowship, to breaking of bread and prayers."
- Acts 2:42 -

Adult Sunday School

Sundays 11:30 AM 

Senior high school, college, and adults meet in the main sanctuary for Sunday School before the worship service. Pastor Sim is currently leading the adults in a study of the Old Testament during Sunday School.

Fellowship Meal

Every Sunday after Worship

Stay for a time of table fellowship after the Lord's Day service! Every Sunday, we delight in the company of our brothers and sisters in the Lord. This is something special that distinguishes our church- we genuinely do love to be with one another, and this truly shines each Lord's Day.

Youth Sunday School

Sundays 11:30 AM

Separated into three classes (Preschool/Kindergarten, Elementary, and Junior High), our covenant kids are already learning how all the Scriptures is the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation for His people.

Corporate Prayer

Last Sunday of the Month at 11:30 AM

On the last Sunday of the month, we get into prayer groups during our usual Sunday school time. This is a time when young and old, all the people in our congregation have the opportunity to share prayer requests and thanksgivings, and pray together as one body in Christ.

Chapter Chat

Second Sunday of the month after worship

Anyone is welcome to join our monthly Chapter Chat, TOPC’s book club! Sometimes we read books from cover to cover; other times we read chapters from recommended books on topics that pique our interest. This is a time of sharing insights and engaging in stimulating discussion as we seek to grow in all aspects of our faith.


Scheduled as Needed

A personalized study with Pastor Sim of the public vows you take in your profession of faith, covering the doctrines of the Bible, God, salvation, and the church.

Membership Class

Fridays 7 PM

While the youth are studying in the next room, the adults of the entire congregation are invited to come together to pray for our covenant youth by name.

Friday Night Prayer

Wednesdays 8pm

This weekly class is for those who would like to delve more deeply in Reformed systematic theology and how it applies to daily Christian living. Led by Pastor Peter, this is an intensive study and discussion using Michael Horton’s The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way. All are welcome to participate!

Systematic Theology

Scheduled as Needed

Day or night, Pastor Sim is available to meet with congregants who may be struggling for biblical guidance and heavenly comfort. 

Pastoral Counseling

Fridays 7 PM

In a classroom setting, the youth will delve into God's Word in the book of Acts. The goal is to teach our older youth how we can enjoy God's Word and to appreciate how richly and deeply and thoughtfully God's plan of salvation is woven through the books of the Bible.

Summer Youth Studies

Scheduled as Needed

Sometimes just the pastor(s), sometimes just the elder, and sometimes the entire session conducts visitations with the congregants to share in their thanksgivings and in their prayer requests and to best shepherd God's people.

Home Visitations


Men's Group

First Saturday of the Month at 4 PM

Meeting simultaneously as the Women’s Group and the Youth Group, Men’s Group is a relaxed yet lively time of conversation about the Word of God in table fellowship. Sometimes meeting at someone’s home or other times at the church, the men are known to engage in spirited book discussions and theological presentations, as well as merry activities like ping pong tournaments and board games.

Bible & Brunch

Last Saturday of the Month 10:30AM in Cerritos

This is our monthly church get-together as we study God’s Word from Galatians and enjoy a fellowship lunch in the sunny outdoors. First, we sing together from our Theophilus songbook and then Pastor Sim leads the adults in a study of the book of Galatians while the youth head indoors for a time of more singing and Scripture study, finishing with their own letter writing ministry. Finally, we all join together again to delight in table fellowship!

Women's Group

First Saturday of the Month at 4 PM

Meeting at the same time as the Men’s Group and the Youth Group, Women’s Group meets once a month to deepen our bonds of friendship as sisters in Christ. Women’s Group provides an opportunity for women to get together with like-minded sisters who desire to grow together in the Christian life. Currently, we are going through the book Closer Than a Sister by Christina Fox.

Agape Letters

Last Saturday of the Month 10:30AM in Cerritos

Every last Saturday morning of the month, the kids get together to learn more about the Bible and to continue their precious “letter ministry” by writing cards to people throughout the congregation. This ministry has been going strong for many years now, a mode of sharing in the griefs and the joys of those who walk in faith among us. This is a time when the children visibly demonstrate gifts of love and compassion, as members of one body in Christ.

Kids Group

First Saturday of the Month at 4 PM

The purpose of our monthly youth group meeting is to enrich our covenant youth with a joyful appreciation for God in our daily lives. Our heartfelt desire is to encourage all our youth to see that God isn't just their God at church on Sundays, but that God is very real and present in all spheres of their lives. Our kids group allows the children to learn this together with and from their fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord!